Frequently Asked Questions 

(Online Internship Program)


When the internship is going to start?

You can start your internship at any time.

Where to apply for the internship?

Please click the link to sign up for the free online internship 


Internship and other IAC activities are absolutely FREE.
There is no cost involved for participating in the community activities (including internships) as this is a noble initiative taken up by Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. in association with Gift- A-Career Foundation, to help students, get job-ready, in time! 

Timings for internship

For schedule of internship please refer
 Internship Schedule

The interns are expected to contribute minimum 1 to 2 hours on a daily basis.

What is the eligibility or selection criteria for participating in this internship?

This internship is designed for students in higher education courses and any such student aspiring for IT and Management career can participate in this internship.


This internship program is designed for undergraduate students but if graduates and freshers feel it is beneficial for them then they can participate in this internship program.

Will there be offer letters and certificates?

The participants will get the following certificates and letters:
An  Appointment letter can be generated immediately after attending the induction.
Industry Training Certificate (further to completing post-session assessment)
Experience Letter from Cloud Counselage (on successful completion of internship)
Appreciation letter/certificate ( For top performers)

What are various domains for internship?

Android Development, Artificial Intelligence, Business Research, Business Development,  Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, DevOps, Data Analytics,
Flutter, Full Stack,  Game Development,  Human Resources, Java,  Machine Learning,  Node.js, Operations Management, Python, Product Management,  Project Management, 
Quality Assurance, React JS, UI/UX,   Web Development

Will participants be able to choose/change the domain & duration for internship?

You can intern in any domain you choose. Once you choose a domain you can continue working on the same and submit the project. After which you can choose other domain. This will help you to focus much better

How to choose the domain?

A form will be made available to the interns to choose the domain and the duration of the internship.

will PARTICIPANTS get any help During the project?

 Participants will get help related to understanding the problem statement and the project delivery process.

What IS successful completion of internship?

The interns have to complete the tasks as per the instructions within the deadlines.

can PARTICIPANTS intern in more than one domain simultaneously?

We encourage focusing on one field at a time as this will help yield better results.

WILL DATA BE PROVIDED For Data Analytics internship?

Yes, the data will be provided for data analytics.

Do we require laptop specifically for the projects? 

Yes, Laptop Required.

Is there ANY group for updates/information?

Please Join
Telegram Channel

WhatsApp Channel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Industry Academia COMMUNITY)

What is Industry- Academia Community (IAC)?

Industry-Academia Community (IAC) is a part of 'Industry-Academia Connect' initiative of Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. in association with Gift-A-Career Foundation created for Industry & Academia PAN India. This community engages and supports higher education students and freshers by providing them with 360-degree professional development and career growth opportunities through Career Vision, Career Guidance, Industry & Corporate Exposure, and Hands-on experience/remote internships on live projects. All the benefits of the community can be availed from any corner of the world as it is an online community and at no cost to the members.

What are the benefits of being part of IAC?

1. Industry Exposure Workshops
2. Career Vision
3. Career Guidance
4. Industry Training
5. Internship Program
6. Industry Visits
7. CV & Interview Preparations
8. Soft Skills Workshops
9. Career Assessments
10. Hackathons
11. Job Placements
12. Entrepreneurship Program

Do I need to pay any fees to be a part of this community?

This community is created with the intent to eradicate the perpetual unemployability issue amongst the fresh graduates of India. Cloud Counselage is committed to this social cause and therefore the students can be part of this community at no cost. They do not pay any fees and there are no hidden charges for being part of this community and for availing the benefits of the programs offered through this community.

Do I need to participate in all the activities?

You can participate in any activities of your choice. However, each activity has its own benefit. The more activities that you participate in the more career/ job-ready you become.

How many hours of work are expected from me?

You are expected to spend 1-2 hours a week completing the professional development activities under IAC. This will ensure continuous professional development.

Is it necessary to become a member of Industry-Academia Community to avail the benefits?

You agree to become a member of the community as soon as you sign up for the app or express interest to join the community. The benefits of the app and in turn, the community are only available to the community members. Moreover, there are no fees to become a member of the community.

Will I get the flexibility to participate in my activities at my convenience?

Yes, having worked with the student community for the last few years, we completely understand their academic commitments and therefore offer the flexibility to participate in the activities at their convenience. With the events that are conducted at a stipulated time, the recordings are provided. During the internships, the students can work at their convenience however, will need to meet the deadlines for submission.

Has this program helped students earlier?

More than 90% of the community members have rated us 4 & 5 out of 5 for their overall experience of the activities. The reviews of the participant are available on our iReviews page and social media pages. The students have experienced a boost in confidence, especially during the interview, were able to channelize the interview, and have been placed in companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Capgemini, TCS, Wipro, Deloitte, etc. In terms of higher education, they were able to secure places in reputed universities in U.S., Australia, Ireland, etc.

How will the internship be conducted?

This is a 6-12 weeks online internship, that will be conducted during the vacation (generally) and you can choose any of one domain from the ones that we offer. This is a guaranteed internship for all the students in the age group of 17-24 years who aspire to IT & Management careers. There will be no interviews or aptitude tests required for participating in this internship. To keep the internship focused and reduce the stress to the students we allow working on only one technology at a time. The interns who have successfully submitted the project, get an experience certificate. The interns who have performed exceptionally well and have delivered high-quality deliverables are provided with ‘letters of appreciation' as well and are facilitated in the ‘Industry Academia Excellence Awards’.

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